KUKA simplifies hotel and entertainment itemization

KUKA’s mission is to make life and work easier and that means building a cloud first strategy, always looking for SaaS solutions that provide a simple experience for their employees.

With most employees based in Germany where tax regulation is complex, submitting hotel and entertainment expenses was anything but simple. Employees were forced to itemize expense reports with the appropriate tax rates for every line item, which was time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating for the users.

The KUKA team – from tax, IT, HR and Travel among others – worked together to develop a simple process, connected to their SAP ERP, that allows employees to create hotel and entertainment expenses seven times faster with fewer errors and fewer rejected expense reports.

We received the initiative from our CFO to simplify especially the hotel and entertainment expenses itemization, because it was very complex. After implementing our solution, users can create their hotel and entertainment line items seven times faster and also the submission time decreased. And from the processor side, they are finding less errors and they need to return less expense reports. 

- Zeta Lazar, Team Lead – SAP, KUKA






Augsburg, Germany


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