Business Continuity

In recent years, business continuity and disaster planning have gained more importance than ever. Be prepared to confront any challenge with minimal disruption using these expert insights.

Articles about Business Continuity

Innovating Through Data: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It
Organizations that dont prioritize innovation tend to get left behind But how do organizations determine when where or how to innovate While assessing employee sentiment is a great...
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Extinction Alert: County Financial Operations without Digitization
County finance managers and elected officials do their best to oversee programs that serve their citizens While recent government funding sources have provided muchneeded relief they...
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Pandemic Year Two and How Companies Have Adapted
On the second anniversary of the pandemic theres a lot to reflect onfrom the lives and businesses upended by the pandemic to the relief efforts to aid the many in need There were...
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Futureproofing for Financial Disruption: 3 Things to do Right Now, An SAP Concur Podcast Conversation with TCG Consulting
Having a plan for financial recovery without sacrificing employee productivity or risk is paramount for your organization to prepare for the next disruption We asked Jason Grunin...
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No One Knows the Future, But Here Are Five Really Good Guesses.
Staying on top of spending by staying on top of change Our first prediction is that you werent planning to read this whole blog But well change that with one simple statement The...
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Surviving a Disruption: an SAP Podcast Conversation with the Award-Winning Lyndon Group
It was interesting that during such a slow time many organizations seized the opportunity to retool their programs or retool their platforms shared Kara Bernard Managing Director of...
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