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Snap, Tap, & Done: Concur Expense Was Made for You!

SAP Concur Team |

Imagine turning messy, time-consuming expense management tasks into a streamlined process from capture to reimbursement.  

With Concur Expense, controlling costs is as easy as snap, tap, and done.   

We’re not just talking about making things easier for your finance team. From employees to managers, IT to HR, audit team to senior leaders, Concur Expense simplifies the expense management workflow for everyone. This means no more frantically searching for missing receipts. No more filling out paper expense reports and complicated spreadsheets. And reduced risk for out-of-policy surprises, out-of-sight errors, and fraud.   

When you automate expense management with Concur Expense, it’s possible to:  

  • See the big picture of the organization’s spend, not just parts of it  
  • Minimize manual paperwork and data entry  
  • Reimburse employees quicker and easier  
  • Boost policy compliance across the organization  

Let’s also not forget that minimizing administrative headaches can translate into happier and more productive employees at all levels of your business.   

Want an outside perspective? Here are some snappy automation ROI stats recently reported by Concur Expense users1:  

  • 47% reduction in missing receipts  
  • 32% reduction in the time taken to approve expenses   
  • $54K estimated money saved on an annual basis  
  • Only 7 months to see positive ROI  

SAP Concur was also recognized as a 2023 Top-Rated Expense Management Software in both the Expense Management and Travel Management categories by TrustRadius. They even gave us a fancy badge.  

Of course, nothing can take the place of experiencing snap, tap, and done first-hand. We have three easy ways you can do that right now:  

Watch our video on a day-in-the-life of a business with Concur Expense  

  1. Watch our video on a day-in-the-life of a business with Concur Expense   
  2. Take a Concur Expense self-guided tour  
  3. Test-drive Concur Expense for free for 15 days  

It couldn’t get any simpler.   

Actually, it can. How about reaching out to us to discuss what integrating Concur Expense would look like for your business?   

Concur Expense can make controlling costs as easy as snap, tap, and done. 

1 Analysys Mason 2022, Travel, Expense, and Vendor Invoice Management Study.  
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