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How the Right Solutions Can Help HR Elevate Employee Experience

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The human resources team is at the heart of elevating your organization’s employee experience and setting the tone for your corporate culture. From enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance to recruiting and retaining employees and meeting duty-of-care responsibilities, HR provides employees with the ongoing support they need to get their jobs done — and feel good about where they work. The right suite of technology solutions for travel, expense, and beyond can make it easier for HR to achieve these goals.  

Empower employees to focus on meaningful work 

Employees want to spend their time doing meaningful work, not bogged down in admin tasks and complicated processes, such as logging miles and booking travel. Giving employees intuitive, easy-to-use technology tools makes these necessary tasks less time-consuming, increases collaboration, and reduces frustration.  

For example, a centralized cloud-based spend-management platform can automate tedious, manual tasks, such as requesting approval for purchases and submitting expense reports. Features like mobile receipt capture and GPS mileage tracking make documenting expenses even easier.  

An automated spend-management platform also can streamline back-office management tasks like approving and processing expenses. This type of platform can also ensure compliance with company and regulatory policies, and greatly simplify the reporting of financial data. Accurate, near real-time data gives company leaders increased visibility into cash flow, enabling more productive work time and agile decision-making. 

HR can work in concert with other departments, such as IT and finance, to ensure that employees have access to the technology solutions they need. 

Simplify remote-work tax implications 

More employees are asking for the flexibility to work remotely. In fact, 76% of employees say that a work-from-anywhere policy would increase their job satisfaction.1 HR teams are integral to implementing successful remote-work programs, including ensuring that organizations comply with tax laws where employees are based.  

For example, taxable employee benefits (TEBs) vary based on location. If an organization reimburses remote or hybrid employees for internet expenses, for instance, they may have taxes automatically deducted from their paychecks, depending on where they live. Technology solutions can use machine learning and AI to track, calculate, and report TEBs, greatly simplifying what could be a very complex process. The same solution can also help employees automate reporting these kinds of expenses for reimbursement. 

For recruiting and retaining employees, technology matters 

Competition remains high in attracting the right talent, and many organizations identify skill gaps and an inability to attract talent as the key barriers to industry transformation.2 Offering job candidates a workplace with up-to-date technology also plays a part in recruiting and hiring new employees. In addition, providing current employees with modern technology bolsters retention. 

Among many factors, candidates are evaluating organizations on how advanced their technology solutions are. Younger workers expect an organization to be using AI, cloud computing, and mobile apps. These digital natives assume they will have access to tools that are intuitive, modern, and always available, such as a consumer-like app to book business travel.  

Enhance duty of care with your T&E system 

Every organization has duty-of-care responsibilities, or a legal obligation to protect employees from harm. Ensuring employees’ safety whether they are traveling on business or are in the workplace is often a primary HR responsibility.  

At the same time, employees are asking for more flexibility in how they travel for work, for instance, tacking on personal paid time off before or after a business trip. At companies with a travel policy, 91% of business travelers expect to be allowed to make choices outside of company policy for reasons such as safety and work-life balance.3 Further complicating booking requirements are travel policies and corporate goals, such as prioritizing sustainability.  

A modernized T&E system can meet employee expectations and keep them safe while traveling, while at the same time ensuring employees comply with the organization’s policies and goals. 

See how interconnected solutions make life easier for this HR leader in this infographic. 

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