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How Concur Travel Works

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With so many travel options to choose from, empower your employees to make the right choices with Concur Travel.

By integrating travel, expense, and vendor invoice management into a single system, SAP Concur makes booking business travel simple. Concur Travel helps your organization stay compliant with policies while also making it easy to make changes to travel plans as needed, no matter where and when those changes arise.

Booking a trip with Concur Travel

Booking a business trip should be easy. Using a single, intuitive interface it’s simple for employees to search and book flights, trains, hotels, and rental cars at the right price, all while staying compliant to your travel policy.

Negotiated and published fares are displayed in an easy to read table, with convenient color-coded indicators that show which options are within policy, and which aren’t.

Drawing travel content from multiple sources, Concur Travel not only gives employees more options together in one place, but also guides them to make the best choices for their travel needs. They can even see which options offer e-receipts to facilitate fast and seamless expense reporting.

Take a deeper dive into SAP Concur

Our free Concur Travel & Expense demo is an in-depth look at two of our core offerings, exploring how to book travel, submit expense reports, and more. 

Watch the demo

Concur Request

Stop bad travel spending before it happens with Concur Request. Using Concur Request, you can create a customizable pre-spend control document to identify anticipated expenses. This request and approval process allows managers to review travel spend and spot issues on bookings before they happen.


Even when travel is booked outside the booking tool or your travel management company, Concur TripLink lets you track every traveler, every dollar, and itinerary, across booking channels. With TripLink, employees easily connect SAP Concur solutions to suppliers like Avis, Marriott Bonvoy, and United, ensuring negotiated rates are obtained and giving you visibility into their travel plans no matter how they’re booked.

The SAP Concur mobile app

When employees are on-the-go, the SAP Concur mobile app lets them manage everything from booking air, hotel, car, or train trips, viewing the details of their itineraries, as well as capturing receipts and submitting expense reports. And with an automated approval process, it’s fast and simple for managers to approve requests wherever they are, right from their smartphone.

TripIt Pro 

TripIt Pro, included with Concur TripLink, helps users effortlessly keep track of their itineraries, find better seats, track frequent traveler program balances, and get flight alerts when there’s been a cancelation or delay – all at their fingertips.

Help your employees be more productive with solutions they’ll love to use that lets you manage spending at the source, across both travel and expenses, for one unified view. You’ll get transparency and visibility into employee spend, the ability enforce policy, and the agility to make intelligent spend management decisions.


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