How to Capture Receipts with Your Mobile Phone

Colleen Fogerty |

SAP Concur solutions make it easy for users to capture receipts and eliminate some of the manual data entry associated with business expenses. ExpenseIt is a receipt scanning feature on the SAP Concur mobile app that allows you to digitize receipts on-the-go – meaning, you won’t have to keep track of all your paper receipts.

By digitizing these receipts, expense entries will be created, categorized, itemized, and sent to Concur Expense for you. This automation decreases the time you spend on expense reports and increases your productivity.

To capture receipts, log into the SAP Concur mobile app, tap ExpenseIt, and take a photo of a receipt. ExpenseIt will then create a line item, selecting the expense category, matching credit card charges, and even itemizing your complicated hotel bills for you.

ExpenseIt is most helpful when you capture receipts as you go. Capturing a quality photo of your receipts is very important. Dark or blurry photos can be difficult to read. So, remember to:

  • Make sure the camera lens on your mobile device is clean.
  • Make sure the camera is focused on the receipt.
  • Take photos in a portrait (vertical) orientation.
  • Take photos in a well-lit area. Otherwise, use the flash.
  • Avoid shadows across the receipt.

Always remember to double check the expense for accuracy before submitting. If you wait to capture receipts, you can tap the Next Receipt button while capturing them in the app.

You can also e-mail receipts to Concur Expense by forwarding them to (if you use or (if you use from a verified e-mail address. More information on why and how to verify an e-mail address can be found in this ExpenseIt FAQ.

Note that the ability to capture receipts on your mobile device is only available for users whose company has purchased access to the SAP Concur mobile app and ExpenseIt. If you are unsure, please contact your SAP Concur admin.

To learn more about ExpenseIt, please visit the ExpenseIt User Resources page.