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Have No Fear, the American Rescue Plan Act is Here to Get Your State and Local Government IT Systems Modernized Today

Kathryn Kamin |

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, it very quickly highlighted the drawbacks of legacy systems, demonstrating the need for modernization in state and local government IT. With funding available under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act. These agencies now have the chance to upgrade their technologies to put themselves in a better, more resilient position going forward.

Key points to consider when applying for the IT modernization funding are:

  1. Know what’s available:
    1. December 31, 2024 is the deadline to use the ARP Act funds
    2. Critical infrastructure projects like cloud services and other technology upgrades qualify
  2. Establish project priorities:
    1. Travel, expense, and invoice processes are ideal for cloud migration
  3. Fix what’s broken first
    1. Streamline manual, paper-based processes
    2. Create dashboards and automated spend reports
  4. Leverage powerful technologies
    1. Cloud-based systems
    2. Automated spend management

By improving travel, expense, and invoice management processes, state and local governments can promote transparency and drive greater compliance. Improved reporting can help stabilize budgets – a key objective for agencies as they find their footing among the economic challenges of the post-pandemic era.

Taking advantage of automation and machine learning to manage expenses, travel, and invoices, will reduce operational costs, prevent improper payments, identify fraud, and free employees up to spend more time serving the public. Our experienced teams are well-versed and prepared to help your state and local government organization modernize its IT systems to align with both the needs of your community as well as the parameters outlined in the American Rescue Plan Act.

Get a deeper explanation of these points in this tip sheet to help you plan how to best approach this funding opportunity and contact us today to start modernizing your state and local government IT systems.

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