Empowering SAP Concur Employees' Community Impact

SAP Concur Executives |

Jenn McColly was formerly Vice President of Employee Experience at SAP Concur

Our annual global distribution kick-off event, Ignite, was all about "impact and everyday heroes" this year. Teams were able to reflect on 2018 and get fired up for an even bigger and better 2019. During this event our SAP Concur corporate social responsibility team hosted an event meant to empower SAP Concur employees on deciding our impact with one of our established community partners.

We teamed up with our global community impact partner CARE. More specifically, with CARE’s Teachers Resource Labs (TRL) program that works to bring STEM education to youth in rural areas of India. SAP Concur employees had an opportunity to vote for their favorite of three ideas in need of funding with the TRL program. These ideas included purchasing computers for 1. tech labs, 2. funding STEM career-focused field trips for students and 3. training TRL teachers on STEM topics. Receiving more than 50% of the votes, SAP Concur will be making a $10,000 donation to option three: training teachers on STEM topics. This provides a learning opportunity for future generations, creating a ripple effect and inspiring thousands of students to stay involved in the STEM field continuing to create more opportunities for youth around the world.

During Ignite we also saw different SAP Concur teams making their own impact.

  • The global enablement team made 400 craft kits, 75 cards and 22 tie fleece blankets for  Seattle Children’s Hospital, bringing support to children battling serious illness.
  • Our Enterprise Americas group joined together to build 143 prosthetic hands for the Helping Hands project that delivers prosthetics to children and adults in need to more than 74 countries.
  • The SMN group purchased 100 chef knife sets for the FareStart program in Seattle. This program helps empower adults, training them in culinary skills to find employment within the food industry. Students receive these knife sets upon graduation, a symbolic and important donation for FareStart’s future graduates.

It was truly inspiring to see the impact made at Ignite 2019, and  we look forward to continuing our impact and outreach efforts in support of our purpose driven company.