Concur is an SAP Company

Setup Wizard Overview

Welcome to Concur. Let's get started by setting up your account using the set up wizard. While setting up, you can watch a short tutorial video describing each step, view detailed instructions, or temporarily accept default information and move on. You can also check on your progress at any time. Ready? Let's go.

To get started, click on expense inside the accounting set up tab at the top of your screen. Step 1: introduction. Answering a few simple questions will help us customize the wizard for your business. First, select an industry so we can provide the appropriate default cost data. For example, if you select legal service, you'll automatically have the ability to track cost by client and practice area. If you don't see your industry listed, choose one that is similar for now. Next, select the accounting software you use, and the wizard will be optimized for that software.

Step 2: expense types. Now we're ready to amp your expense types to their respective accounts in your accounting system. Select each account field and enter the account code or GL code that you use in your accounting system. For any expense type that you do not wish to use, simply highlight the expense type by clicking on it, then click the deactivate button at the top of the list.

Step 3: cost tracking. The next step is to identify the cost objects and/or customers in your accounting system that you would like to track in Concur. Although you can allow employees to enter free form information, we recommend creating a pick list for each item to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Step 4: expense settings. Now it's time to establish default settings for some basic Concur solution features. First, enter the threshold amount that will require an employee to attach a receipt to an expense report. Next, enter your mileage reimbursement rate for personal car miles. Finally, if you have a corporate card program, you may want to set a reminder for employees with past due corporate card charges.

Step 5: American Express. If your company has an American Express corporate card program, select yes and tell us who will pay the bill, the company or cardholder, and who will enter the employee account numbers, the administrator or employee. Then proceed to American Express at work to complete the one time set up.

Step 6: employee reimbursements. Let us know how you want to reimburse your employees for expenses and we'll be just about done. On the schedule tab, indicate the frequency. On the accounting tab, let us know how you want reimbursements to appear in your accounting file.

Step 7: company cards. If you have a company card program, tell us how often you'd like to post charges to your accounting system and how you would like that done.

Step 8: users. Just one thing left, setting up your employees and vendors to submit expenses using Concur. To add a user, click the create/edit user button, then fill our the form with the user's information. At the bottom, indicate the user's role in the system, submitter, submitter and approver, or administrator. When you click on save, an invitation will be automatically sent to the user.

Congratulations, you've completed the set up wizard and are ready to start using the Concur solution.