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Mike Hilton: On Why He Loves TripIt (1:16)

I love TripIt. I think it's a super cool program. I've turned my wife onto it. We do a decent amount of travel with our kids, with their activities, and to have the ability to not only mix your personal and business travel into one tool, also having the ability to have automatic sharing between your inner circle of family and friends, as soon as my wife books a personal trip, it shows up on my TripIt and visa versa. There's no more emailing of itineraries back and forth, I just love that about TripIt. With the integration that we announced last month, every time I book a trip in Concur Travel, it instantly shows up in TripIt for me.

I'm super excited about how easy we've made it to link TripIt and Concur together for travelers. We've seen tremendous uptake from our community of travelers already. For me, I just think it's a great solution. I love it personally as a traveler when I'm on the road. I'm just super excited that we're really getting into some very deep levels of integration now with our Concur solutions.