Concur TripLink: For Small and Midsize Businesses

The world of business travel is ever changing. Travel plans shift and with so many online travel bookings available, it has become more challenging for companies to track business travelers and travel spend. Through our global network of connected suppliers, and our TripIt Pro app, bookings made using Concur TripLink provide the visibility, control, and flexibility needed for safe, productive, and cost-effective trips – available in one place. As your business returns to the road, rails, and skies, it’s critically important your travel program is more adaptable than ever before. 


Employee safety and employee satisfaction are top priorities. The right travel management tools will optimize the employee experience, all while real-time insights provide spend visibility and cost controls that ensure travel policies are followed. In travel management, it is critical to know who is traveling, where they are going, and which dates are affected. Especially as global travel guidelines continue to change and evolve, your business needs additional resources to support travelers right on their devices. You can mitigate risks while supporting your employees with their travel plan. 


Watch the video to learn more about Concur TripLink for small and medium-sized business.