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Get Started with Concur

Get Started with Concur. This video explains in detail how end-users can set up card sync, create and/or connect to a TripIt account and create a mobile PIN and download a mobile app.

Concur makes creating expense reports a breeze. Let's begin at the Concur home page where you will set up your account. You'll see that it's divided into three sections, quick tasks for linking to the most common tasks, My Concur, a dashboard of your receipts, reports and credit card transactions, and Smart Tips, which provide advice on common tasks.

The Concur Solutions time-saving features allow you to automatically import information into an expense report. First, you'll need to sync your Concur account with the credit cards that you use to pay for business expenses. The simple, one time setup will enable you to import credit card charges automatically into the Concur Solution and place them into your expense report.

To sync your credit card, click on the "Sync Credit Card" icon in the quick tasks section then click "Get Started" to begin the sync process.

Next, accept the card data access user agreement. This will give Concur read only access to your credit card transactions from your online credit card account. Concur uses bank level security to connect to your card data.

Then search for and select your credit card provider or select from our list of the most common providers. For this example, we'll choose American Express. Enter your login credentials and click "Sync Card" at the bottom. Additional information regarding Concur's commitment to security is provided on the right side of your screen.

As soon as the sync process is complete, you'll have access to your last 30 days of credit card charges. Notice that the "View Transactions" box has been updated with the number of available transactions that may be added to your expense report. To add more cards, simply repeat this process for each one. If you submit expenses for air, car, and hotel, you'll want to link the Tripit Travel Itinerary Builder to your Concur account as well.

You'll be able to create complete travel itineraries by forwarding confirmation emails from air, car, hotel, and other types of travel from more than 5,000 different providers. To create and link to a Tripit account, or to link to your existing Tripit account, click the "Expense Trip" icon.

If you'd like to understand more about Tripit, click the "Learn More" link. If you already have a Tripit account, click the sign in link and enter your Tripit login information then follow the instructions on screen to connect to your Tripit and Concur accounts. To create a new Tripit account, simply enter a password below your pre-populated email address and click the "Sign up. It's free" button at the bottom right.

Once the process is complete, if you create a new Tripit account, you'll receive an email from Tripit to activate your account. Once your accounts are connected and you've stored your travel information with Tripit, you'll be able to import your travel information directly into an expense report by using the available "Trips" box in the My Concur section of the home page.

We also suggest that you set up your Concur account for use with one of our mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. You can do this by clicking the mobile phone icons in the "Smart Tips" section on the home page, then click the "Create a Mobile Pin" link. Simply enter a mobile pin that you can remember, then reenter the pin to verify. Click save.

You can access more information about our mobile applications by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the page. To download the Concur mobile app for your smartphone, either search in the mobile app store from your smartphone, or navigate back to the Concur home page "Smart Tip for Mobile" where you set up your pin for mobile access. Choose the appropriate "Get Concur" link for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry and follow the installation instructions.

Congratulations. You've now optimized your Concur account and will be able to easily create expense reports.