GPS-enabled mileage reimbursement and expense tracking

A simple, reliable, and connected solution for tracking business miles.

A mileage tracking app that makes it easy to report expenses, and even easier to save money

You’ve thought a lot about how to track expenses for business purposes, particularly when it comes to business trips and travel. But typical mileage reimbursement processes often rely on self-reporting for what could be a considerable segment of your expenses. Drive, a mobile mileage tracker, automates this process, making it easier for users to manage and providing more accurate reporting. Reduce the overall costs of driving expenses with:

  • GPS mileage tracking that is automatically added to expense reports, saving users time and reducing manual errors
  • Instant reporting of accurate GPS-tracked mileage expenses, preventing accidental or fraudulent mileage calculations and overpayment
  • A holistic, near-real-time view of mileage reimbursement as part of overall spend for better insights and forecasting

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Make it easy to get accurate mileage for every trip

Drive takes the work out of tracking mileage and reporting it. Users who drive their cars for work just set their business hours or manually turn on the app. The Drive mobile app automatically calculates mileage via GPS tracking and adds it to expense reports. Users can review the mileage app and edit the logs to ensure accuracy.

Mileage reimbursement benefits

Stop mileage overspend and fraud

Calculating and creating a mileage log after a business trip is complete can often lead to estimated trip data, which can result in overspend. Automatic mileage tracking removes the risk of reporting mistakes or purposeful fraud. One study of employees with automated tracking milage apps showed a marked increase in compliance with internal travel and mileage reimbursement rules, in some cases bringing compliance to 100%.

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See all your mileage expenses clearly

With Drive, mileage expenses are processed quickly and can be viewed as part of your organization’s overall travel and expense spending within SAP Concur. With this holistic view, you can better forecast future employee mileage reimbursement and spending to make more informed decisions.

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Whether you're a small business owner or work in a large firm, when researching travel expense reporting solutions, ease of use and business value-add should be top-of-mind. Look for:

  • Cloud-based applications that are both flexible and fast
  • Mobile-enabled technology that lets employees complete reporting tasks, including mileage reports from the field
  • Accurate data so you can feel confident when reporting mileage deductions for tax returns
  • Data-rich solutions that segment spending so finance and accounting teams can use it to inform decision-making

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Over the years, technology providers have worked to reduce the effort on expense users by adding features such as credit card feeds, receipt imaging with OCR, and mobile applications."

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3 signs your business expense tracker isn’t ready to travel

If your expense systems aren’t ready for business travel, you’re leaving a considerable segment of your spending to chance. Will traveling employees accurately and promptly report their business expenses? Will you feel confident when you reimburse employees? It may be time to update your expense system if…

Employees haul receipts cross-country, so they can staple them to expense reports.
Mileage reimbursement relies on your employees’ memories, calculations, and honesty.
Spending on travel only becomes visible months after the expenses have been incurred.

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77% of CFOs say that instantaneous access to a unified, comprehensive, and fully up-to date set of financial and performance data is critical to their businesses’ success over the next five years."