Drive for public sector

Gain control over government travel and mileage expenses with SAP Concur.

Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse with our automatic distance capture tool

When mileage is self-reported, expenses are often impossible to prove and filled with errors. Drive is a mobile-first tool that automatically captures distances and allows your organization to:

  • Document, report, and reimburse distances driven
  • Improve mileage reporting, help reduce improper payments, and prepare for audits
  • Better manage and standardize expense reporting

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Here’s what you can do with Drive

Categorize every segment driven

Enable auto-tracking to accurately track distance driven and flag each segment of the trip as business or personal.

Accurately capture distances

Smart sensors in your employees’ mobile devices track when their vehicles are in motion and capture distances traveled.

Submit driving expenses in one click

Turn mileage logs into line items in Concur Expense with just one click.

Reduce improper payments that result from self-reported driving expenses

Automatically capture driving distance or manually start and stop distance capture per trip.

Measure distances easily and from anywhere using your mobile device

Drive displays multiple languages and measures distance in miles and kilometers, so you can use it anywhere.

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