WB Manufacturing

WB Manufacturing Successfully Implements its SAP Concur Solutions in Just Three Months

WB Manufacturing designs and builds quality furniture solutions for customers across the US. Expecting its business to more than double over the next three years, the company turned to SAP Concur solutions to help it scale its travel and expense processes.

The company participated in a virtual activation workshop which provided training and support as it implemented its SAP Concur solutions. With help from SAP Concur activation coaches, WB Manufacturing was able to streamline the activation process and fully implement its SAP Concur solutions in just three months.

We are anticipating doubling our sales in the next three years so we'll have more team members needing to travel and get reimbursed on their expenses. SAP Concur solutions will allow us to scale our business without adding a lot of additional overhead. 

-John Adleman, Controller, WB Manufacturing






Thorp, Wisconsin


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