Alteryx Saves Time, Simplifies Travel and Expense with SAP Concur

The Thrill of Problem Solving in Travel and Expense

By partnering with SAP Concur, the company eliminated manual processes and applied analytics to travel and expenses. In addition to saving hours every week, SAP Concur and app partner Rocketrip allowed Alteryx to save more than $130K on travel within the last year. “The innovation we’re able to achieve now with SAP Concur is fantastic, and the solutions are simple, easy, and helps us all focus on doing what we do best,” said Libby Duane, Chief Customer Officer & Founder.

“I personally love the moments when I can share a helpful hint or quick tip that helps improve the overall travel and expense process … When I share a tip and I can see that ‘a-ha’ realization.”

– Sunshine Starks, Travel & Expense Manager, Alteryx




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