Solutions for the automotive industry

Drive innovation and put the brakes on unnecessary costs with connected expense, travel, and invoice management solutions.

Achieve a new level of control and visibility into your finances

Employees have more ways to spend than ever before, making it difficult for automotive companies to control. A lack of data puts your entire budget at risk and slows your company down. Near real-time visibility into spend data is the key to properly allocating company resources toward innovative automobile developments instead of spend you can’t see.

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Integrate your processes and connect your data for global agility

SAP Concur gives you valuable insights into spending with a connected solution that integrates into your ERP or financial systems. Secure, fully automated communication keeps employee information, cost codes, and spending data up-to-date whenever and wherever you need to access the data. Expense data automatically flows back and forth between your systems, so your automotive business stays connected.

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Streamlining business travel from global booking solutions to expense reporting helps increase your business value

Business travel in the auto industry goes beyond basic booking. Visibility into how your travelers spend helps your company balance its business goals, the evolving automotive industry, and the needs of its travelers. According to the IDC, organizations like yours reduce their travel-related costs by an average of $122,000 per year over three years with SAP Concur.

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Technology is transforming the auto industry

Autonomous driving. Connectivity. Electrification. Are you prepared? Focus your time and resources on the newest car technology, rather than wasting them on expense reports. Backed by SAP Leonardo, SAP Concur future-proofs your business with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Intelligent, connected processes reinvent how your company manages employee spending.

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Innovative solutions to manage your business

Strategic spend solutions

Make strategic decisions faster with enhanced insights from solutions that connect all sources of spend.

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Visibility and control

Greater visibility into your company’s travel and expense spending translates to improved control, planning, and compliance for your automotive company.

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Productivity and compliance

User-friendly processes means less time completing expense reports and more time doing work that matters.

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Concur Expense

SAP Concur integrates all your expense data, so you can manage spending wherever, whenever it happens.

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Concur Travel

Book travel, increase compliance, and monitor spending.

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Concur Detect

Automatically audit 100% of expense reports for fraud and compliance issues.

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Concur Locate

Locate and communicate with any employee, anywhere to keep them safe and to provide assistance.

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