Three-way match for accounts payable

Fast, accurate supplier invoice matching helps you streamline your accounts payable process.

Match supplier invoices, clear exceptions, and reduce errors

Three-way invoice matching, an essential best practice for AP departments, is a comparison of a purchase order, invoice, and receipt to ensure that you have received the correct goods and paid the right price. If there are any discrepancies, the invoice isn’t paid until they are resolved. This process is crucial to avoiding duplicate payments, fraudulent purchases, and overcharges, but matching these records manually can slow down the invoice process. With Concur Invoice, three-way match is automated, so you can:

  • Decrease how long it takes to match supplier invoices, POs, and receipts
  • Avoid duplicate payments or payment for items not yet received
  • Improve compliance and spot unauthorized or noncompliant purchases
  • Reduce errors inherent in matching documents manually

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Clear exceptions quickly and keep your AP process moving

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the invoice matching process is clearing exceptions when there are discrepancies between purchase orders, invoices, and/or receipts. When Concur Invoice finds an exception, it automatically sends it to the relevant team member, so they can clear it. And Concur Invoice is mobile-friendly, so staff can handle the task on the go.

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Understand your current cash flow and spend smarter

Invoices that take weeks to clear can make strategic spending decisions more difficult. By minimizing manual tasks with automated accounts payable three-way match and speeding up the invoice process, you’ll get a more accurate and timely view of cash flow, avoid late fees, and take advantage of early payment discounts.

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Improve compliance with automated invoice matching

Your spending and invoice policy may be watertight, but it only works if it’s followed consistently. When supplier invoice and purchase order matching is managed with workflows that automatically send approvals to the right team members, you can ensure your policy is working as you designed it, while reducing your vulnerability to fraud. In fact, some organizations using Concur Invoice reached 100% compliance.

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Reduce errors and save time

While it’s good practice to make sure you’re checking all the documents relevant to a purchase, manually matching invoices to purchase orders and receipts is a long and often error-prone process. Automation reduces the risk of errors and frees your team to tackle more strategic projects.

Benefits of AP automation

The 3 key benefits of automating your accounts payable process

Even in the most well-run organization, there’s always room to improve your accounts payable process flow. When evaluating upgrades to your system, consider automation a key solution to several common AP challenges. Automation can:

  1. Reduce staff time spent on invoice processing by 68%
  2. Increase employee compliance to nearly 100%
  3. Decrease late payments and associated penalties by 67%
It can also improve morale and productivity. For more on the benefits of automation, read the IDC report The Business Value of Concur Invoice.

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“We’ve seen calls from vendors drop. This has created more value-added time for our customer service staff to take on more jobs"

IDC White Paper: The Business Value of Concur Invoice

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Easy steps to improve your invoice process

As an organization grows, its AP department is expected to move more quickly and deliver essential insights, often without an increase in staff. Too often, though, AP is hampered by time-consuming manual processes, like matching invoices to receipts. But you can do more with less by streamlining your processes. Here’s how to start:
  1. Remove the margin of error with automation of manual tasks.
  2. Upgrade to mobile-ready systems, so AP functions are easy to access.
  3. Integrate your data streams for big-picture analysis.
Read our 10-step guide to learn how you can make AP more efficient.

With [this] technology, the average time it takes from invoice date to Accounts Payable was reduced from 30 days to five.”

Michael Harris, Executive Director Procure to Pay, American Red Cross