Audit Services

Our global team of auditors and backed by intelligent technology to help you drive compliance, identify potential fraud, and minimize workloads for your team.

Add intelligence and control to your auditing process

Errors and fraud are a fact of life in when it comes to spending. With Audit Services, our team of human auditors are supported by intelligent technology to help your business increase compliance, identify potential fraud, and minimize workloads.

  • Enforce your company’s spending policies
  • Identify compliance issues before reimbursement
  • Protect your company’s bottom line
  • Consult with experts on best practices and review audit results to identify trends

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Good for your business, good for your employees

Our global team of auditors can extend your workforce and help you scale around the world. By adding our specialists, managers have more time to run the business and improve employee experiences. Additionally, as your business grows over time, our auditors can ramp up or down based on your needs.

Here’s what Audit Services can do for you

Get better outcomes when people are backed by AI

By bringing human auditors and AI together, businesses can feel more confident in their ability to identify misuse, waste, and noncompliant spending.

Improve tax and regulatory compliance

Ensure that appropriate documentation is provided and verify that item tax values match the supporting receipt.

Give time back to your team

Let our team of global auditors resolve exceptions directly with employees and provide day-to-day support for your administrator.

Get insight into audit analytics

Review exception details, identify trends, and determine next steps during regular consulting sessions.

Provide support in multiple languages

Our team of global auditors offer receipt validation and policy compliance for every language available in Concur Travel and Concur Expense.

Validate receipts match expenses

A receipt audit matches the associated expense to the date, amount, vendor, expense type, and receipt clarity.

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The back-end reporting and auditing functionality makes it a great tool to control and monitor expenses across the organization.”

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