Concur Cloud for Public Sector

Enabling government agencies and commercial entities that support them to deliver cost-effective, secure, scalable, reliable, and sustainable spend management solutions by combining the benefits of cloud technology, cybersecurity, and risk management.

Concur Cloud for Public Sector powered by AWS GovCloud

Concur Cloud for Public Sector offers our customers all the value from the core Concur Travel and Expense solutions hosted in AWS GovCloud, with strict access and security controls, and a team of security experts monitoring and responding to threats.

Compliance standards, certifications & audits


U.S. Federal Government

Align to federal security and compliance regulations, reduce cybersecurity risk, and protect federal travel and expense data from threats and bad actors with a fully integrated travel and spend management solution built using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud.

Aerospace, Defense and Government Contractors

Use an infrastructure which was purpose-built to meet stringent security controls and products that enable government contractors to modernize their systems while defending against threats that target your travel and expense data which may directly or indirectly expose sensitive government information.
Local government

State, Local, and Regional Governments

Reduce cybersecurity risk and protect your data from threats and bad actors while relieving the cybersecurity burden from your IT departments with a travel and spend management solution built using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
Higher education

Higher Education Institutions

Protect your institution from threats that damage your institution’s reputation and put employee security at risk with a travel and spend management solution built on a platform architected to address stringent US government security and compliance requirements.

SAP Concur offers the only commercially available end-to-end, fully integrated travel and expense platform built to U.S. government security standards

Benefit from:

  • Hosted in AWS GovCloud
  • Strict access controls and data protection
  • Unified capability of security detection tooling
  • Cyber incident response
  • Vulnerability management services
  • Agile and diligent security monitoring

SAP Concur follows a stringent protocol to address each threat. This protocol consists of security engineering, cybersecurity, incident response team, attack surface reduction, red team operations, project management office, and cyberthreat intelligence.

Some of the benefits of Concur Cloud for Public Sector include…

  • Enabling you to comply with evolving federal and state security standards, while lowering IT costs.
  • Enabling you to ease the burden on your own IT team by leveraging a third-party team of highly skilled security professionals that will protect your travel and spend management data by creating a multi-tier defense perimeter for your most valuable data and applications—adding a layer of protection against the most aggressive attacks.

Greatly simplify your security auditing requirements by leveraging the SAP Concur existing audit documentation, controls, and technology stacks, eliminating the documentation and compliance work required for an audit process.

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