Multi-state and cross-border payroll tax compliance

Minimize tax exposures and comply with complex regulations.

Navigating multiple payroll tax requirements can be risky business

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Payroll taxes can be a burden when employees cross state or international borders. For instance, states like New York are cracking down on short-term and nonresident workers by auditing transaction data and levying fines on businesses that fail to comply.

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Handling interstate payroll taxes requires a comprehensive view

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Managing payroll taxes across multiple states is no small task. Because traveling employees create tax liabilities every time they work in another state, it’s up to payroll teams to understand the different regulations in each state.

Mitigate your cross-border payroll tax exposure when going global

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Globalization has created a demand for employees to travel around the world. Because cross-border transactions are becoming more frequent and complex, it’s critical for companies to understand their obligations for withholding taxes and filing returns.

Ease the burden of compliance with automation

SAP Concur partner integrations analyze data from Concur Travel and Concur Expense, and then provide accurate compensation and tax guidance both before and after travel. Plus, because these integrations are cloud-based, changes to tax regulations are updated automatically.

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Get fast guidance on tax and immigration issues that arise from business travel.

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Manage compliance and reporting for tax, payroll, and other obligations before and after travel.

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Topia Compass

Leverage your Concur Travel and Concur Expense data to manage cross-border tax and payroll risks.

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Automate payroll compliance for business travelers and a distributed workforce.

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Stay on top of visa and tax compliance with instant assessments.

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