University of Alabama

University of Alabama Improved User Experience by Shifting Spend to SAP Concur Solutions

University of Alabama leaders wanted a proven, reliable partner to automate and streamline its travel, expense and invoice management processes. The goal was to find a partner for the long-term, with the breadth of products to enable the institution to continually optimize processes, improve efficiency and visibility, and lower costs.

Although requisitions were handled online prior to adopting SAP Concur solutions, the rest of the expense and invoice process was completely paper based and largely facilitated through inter-campus mail. There was no real-time visibility into spend, and no easy way to manage reimbursements and compliance.

SAP Concur solutions not only provided what the University needed, but have a solid track record of meeting the unique needs of clients in the higher education sector.

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“By eliminating the hand keying alone, we should be at least 50 percent more efficient. That’s been our approach through all of this. Look for where we have inefficiency, manual work or paper, and make changes to eliminate those, which we’ve done with this system and our processes.”

- Kevin Stevens, Executive Director of Procurement Services, The University of Alabama







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