Wrangling Process in an IT Wild West at Penn State University

SAP Concur Conversations
When it comes to information technology, there are specialists that focus on operations, software, development, and logistics and then others that focus on business -but few that can do both. We spoke with one of these unicorn IT and business subject matter experts at Penn State University. “Historically, it's sort of been the wild, wild west in terms of process…One of the things that my group in central IT is interested in is building out better ways to do things that we can identify here in our own shop to get our own house right. But then also provide those examples, and resources of how we're doing process improvement out to other units, and groups within Penn State,” shared the Operations Analyst and Manager of Analysis and Audit for Penn State University. Listen to this podcast interview, hosted by a Solutions Consultant for SAP Concur Solutions, for insights to wrangle your own business and IT process.