Meeting Face-to-Face: Optimizing Internal Meeting Management with Groupize

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Face-to-face meetings have regained prominence in today’s workplace, and with this resurgence comes a growing demand for efficient event management solutions.

But while companies are increasingly organizing multiday in-person gatherings to foster collaboration and connection among employees, many are still manually managing the process. Relying on manual management of internal meetings and travel logistics instead of an automated solution can prove cumbersome and costly, burdening organizations with unnecessary complexities.

Join Jeanne Dion, Vice President of the Value Experience team at SAP Concur, and Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien, cofounder and CEO of Groupize, as they explore the intersection of internal meetings, travel management, and technology. Together, they discuss the rising popularity of internal company meetings, the impact on travel, and the pivotal role that technology plays in simplifying the process.

From identifying potential cost savings to gaining visibility into spend, Jeanne and Alisa share insights into how automated event management solutions can revolutionize internal meeting planning. Listen in to learn how the right technology can help organizations save both time and money and streamline travel management, enhance productivity, and optimize the face-to-face meeting experience.