Traveler Personas and the Traveler Experience: The Next Big Thing in Business Travel

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The traveler journey, traveler personas, and providing an optimized traveler experience…these haven’t historically been areas of focus for many businesses — especially during times of economic hardship where cost containment is often priority number one — but according to Hansini Sharma, who leads the Travel Practice at Acquis Consulting Group, they certainly should be.

“When I think about these personas and how we build programs, I think we want to think about how to build them without creating additional friction. How can we be creative in leveraging the tools that we have? How can we leverage our online booking tool solution to provide the maximum number of options to our travelers? When you give someone just a little bit of wiggle room, the likelihood of them adhering to the new policy or the new update is exponentially higher.”

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Hansini discusses how and why travel managers and business leaders should change the way they approach their travel programs and policies to reflect the expectations of their travelers and explains why she believes the traveler experience is “the next big thing” in corporate business travel.