Sustainable Growth: Leveraging ESG for Business Success

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Most companies today know they can decarbonize and become more sustainable. But they don’t know the best way for their company to become more sustainable — or how to balance their sustainability initiatives against other business priorities. That’s because sustainability isn’t just about a company’s carbon footprint. It’s also about diversity, equality, inclusion, biodiversity, circularity, plastic packaging, and so much more.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Sammy Lakshmanan, Principle, ESG at PwC, and John McCormick, a Partner at PwC, explore how businesses can report on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards with a high level of trust. They delve into the use of sustainability data for growth, recent shifts in the world of corporate sustainability and the impact of those changes, and how businesses can leverage data and reporting to make sustainability decisions and deliver on those commitments.

Learn more about how to leverage technology to better track, manage, and analyze your ESG data.