Health Beyond Home: Cultivating Employee Well-Being in the Era of Global Business Travel

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As organizations amplify their travel initiatives, a pressing need arises to redefine employee health support beyond conventional wellness programs. This imperative particularly targets the distinctive health challenges faced by business travelers.

By exploring innovative avenues, organizations are uncovering evidence-based strategies to confront this multifaceted issue. From fortifying workforce resilience to reengineering core business processes and modernizing travel policies, these strategies not only alleviate employee stress but also yield tangible benefits by enhancing satisfaction and bolstering the bottom line.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Dr. Myles Druckman, Senior Vice President and Global Medical Director for International SOS — and a leading expert in international employee and traveler health management — joins Jeanne Dion, Vice President of the Value Experience Team at SAP Concur, to explore the not-so-perfect storm of overwhelm today’s business travelers face. Together, they delve into the ways organizations can proactively cultivate a robust culture of health tailored to meet the unique needs of travelers and share strategies for navigating the complex landscape of employee well-being in an era of global business travel.