Grounded Horizons: The Realities and Opportunities of Business Travel Today

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92% of business travelers believe the future of their careers depends on successful business travel. And yet nearly two-thirds (62%) feel they haven’t had equal opportunity to travel for business compared to their coworkers, and they attribute this primarily to their age, accent, or gender.

These are some of the staggering findings from the SAP Concur Global Business Travel Survey, which serves as an annual touchpoint to lay bare the realities of today's business travel landscape. Now in its fifth year, the survey explores some of the most pressing challenges facing business travelers and travel managers today, such as the lack of equal opportunity for travel among marginalized travelers, how that denial of opportunity can stunt professional growth, and how this impacts travel managers and informs their decisions.

Nathan Richter of Wakefield Research joins us in this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast to explore key findings from the 2023 Global Business Travelers Report and 2023 Global Business Travel Managers Report, and to share data-backed insights into the current state of business travel and what the next year will bring.