The Great Balancing Act: How to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Business Strategy

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Organizations with an eye towards tomorrow are increasingly incorporating sustainability not just into their travel practices, but into their broader business strategy. But any business leader working towards sustainability goals will tell you it’s a balancing act. After all, sustainability and other business priorities such as cost containment don’t always go hand in hand.

How can organizations appropriately prioritize their sustainability initiatives? How can they best understand their sustainability baseline and make the decisions that make the most sense for their organization? And as business travel regains momentum, how can organizations take action to reduce the inevitable carbon footprint of their business travelers?

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Nina Birger, Vice President of Climate Solutions for CHOOOSE, answers these questions and more as she explores how leaders can balance sustainability goals against other competing demands to build a more sustainable business, and how they can effectively promote sustainable business travel.