World Travel BCD

World Travel BCD gained efficiencies when migrating all of their clients from three tools to one, and travelers are seeing a $40-$50 dollar savings per transaction.

World Travel Service is a BCD owned travel management company that supports clients in the mid-market space and we specialize in supporting only Concur travel and expense. In 2004, World Travel became a peferred agency-partner with SAP Concur and currently supports over 300 SAP Concur Travel clients as both a fulfillment agency (CT&E) and stand-alone reselling SAP Concur partner."

Now that World Travel BCD has "migrated all their clients from three tools to one, they are seeing a 45% increase in efficiencies in not just the traveler time but also in the back-office accounting time for the accountants to process the expense reports." - Linda Painton, Director of Global Sales, World Travel BCD






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