NeoSystems Saved Time, Reduced Costs, and Simplified Compliance

NeoSystems is an organization that is structured on a project basis, like the government contractors it serves. Expenses for each unique project must be tracked appropriately, charged to proper work breakdown structure (WBS) elements, approved, and audited against government-mandated travel rules. NeoSystems also needed an application that better enabled employees to book their travel arrangements and manage their expenses.

The software they were using was cumbersome and didn’t offer an acceptable mobile application. There was no integration with travel management companies, airlines or car rental partners. So, the travel process was disjointed, with no world view of traveler location for duty of care.

When NeoSystems’ leaders learned about SAP Concur, its mobile app, its partnerships with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel management companies, and its ability to enforce government required per diem rates and approval protocols, they liked what they heard. However, for this industry leader, seeing is believing.


With SAP Concur, NeoSystems has:

  • Reduced the time staff spends creating and submitting expense reports by approximately 15%.
  • Decreased the cyclical month-end crunch since reports are submitted and processed on a more regular basis.
  • Decreased expense processing times by 20%. The company can now adhere to published payment dates, giving employees peace of mind that their travel reimbursements will be received on time.
  • Increased compliance accuracy, while reducing time spent on compliance audits by at least 15%.

We were impressed with the way SAP Concur takes a ‘carrot’ approach to compliance... it drives users to do the right thing on the front end and gives them a great experience in the process. If someone does make a mistake, there is a gentle correction or prompt for added detail. On the front end, SAP Concur has detection tools to catch many troublesome issues, like alcohol or other non-compliant expenses on a receipt, before that expense becomes a cost inadvertently billed back to the government.


-Michael Tinsley, President and CEO, NeoSystems LLC




Tysons Corner, Virginia


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