PACCAR Centralizes Travel and Expense Data for Improved Compliance and Risk Mitigation

PACCAR is a global leader in designing and manufacturing premium commercial vehicles – and in customer and financial services related to its principal business – delivered to more than 100 countries. PACCAR employees frequently visit suppliers and manufacturing plants around the world. By deploying SAP Concur to enhance the employee T&E experience, the organization reduces costs, improves compliance, and mitigates risks so travelers can focus on moving the business forward.

Prior to implementation, PACCAR had decentralized and inconsistent travel booking and expense reporting processes, which blocked visibility into spend data and frustrated employees. Today, with a single automated solution for travel bookings and expense management, PACCAR compares its T&E data with similar-size organizations to help inform its approach. They have identified $100K in potential annual savings, and reduced leakage of dollars. In addition, PACCAR created pop-up and inline messaging with SAP Concur tools that educate employees on travel policies, ensure compliance, and save money.

Learn more in the PACCAR customer story video.

We have utilized the tool to promote our preferred suppliers and have been able to realize over $20,000 in savings with just one supplier.

– Nari Narvani, Global Travel, Expense and Corporate Card manager at PACCAR




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