AgriBank Automates Expense, Invoice, and Provides Near Real-Time Budget Access with SAP Concur

AgriBank is anything but your typical financial institution. Its customers are also its owner — 14 Farmer Credit Associations located across America's heartland. Its mission is to provide funding and business services to those Associations, so they, in turn, can provide credit and financial support to the farmers and ranchers they serve.

AgriBank also offers a portfolio of services to help the Associations operate more efficiently and solve business problems with technology. That requires the institution to not only stay up on trends, but to recognize and remedy internal productivity zappers.

In 2009, Agribank utilized a paper-based expense management system. Two accounts payable staff members physically audited each report. The process wasn't efficient or timely. AgriBank wanted to improve processes and create efficiencies, and move from spreadsheets, paper receipts and manual calculations to an electronic expense and invoice system - and offer the products to the Farm Credit Associations it serves.

SAP Concur has helped the institution and its clients by providing an efficient, streamlined, user-friendly experience.

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As we explored solutions, it made sense to bring on an electronic expense system. We knew SAP Concur's automated workflow, audit and receipt rules would be a more efficient expense process, and the customized user experience would make things easier for employees.

- Karen Young, Product Manager, Finance Operations, Agribank






St. Paul, Minnesota


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