Federal Agencies

How Multiple Federal Agencies Increased Productivity, Accelerated Approvals, and Made Life Easier for Their Employees with ConcurGov Mobile

As anyone who works for a federal agency knows, it’s not a nine-to-five job. Fulfilling the mission often means being ready to respond, any time of the day or night.

In the past, approving emergency travel and vouchers after hours wasn’t a very agile process. Approvers had to log into their government-issued laptops, access the network, and then navigate to the right screen to get the job done. It was inconvenient and inefficient – particularly at a time when every second counts.

Meanwhile, agency personnel doing the traveling had no simple way to capture receipts, or complete and submit vouchers on the go, sometimes adding days to the submission and reimbursement process.

Download the case study to learn how this Federal Agency, and a few others, used ConcurGov Mobile to mobilize their agents in a big way.

In July 2019 alone, 1,900 users from this agency used the app for 61,000 different sessions – from approvals to voucher submissions. As a result, average approval times have now been reduced by 1.3 days.



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