Gant Travel Management

Gant Travel Management Provides Customers with a Seamless Trip Using SAP Concur Solutions

Gant Travel Management is an 80 year old travel management company that strives to provide seamless, simple trips to business travelers. The company supports its clients through each part of their journeys, from the trip creation phase to filing expense reports after the trip.

Gant resells Concur Travel to their customers to be able to provide excellent customer service and to streamline various processes, such a duty of care, quality control, and capturing invisible travel spend such as supplier direct bookings.

In the past, Gant was using various tools to support their customers, but Gant leaders realized they should switch to one comprehensive platform rather than piecing together different systems. By switching to SAP Concur Solutions, including Concur Compleat and Concur Triplink, Gant was able to deepen their knowledge to more fully support their business travelers.

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It's not about going rogue or letting people do whatever they want. It's about knowing where people are, being able to support them when they need help, and also being able to capture spend.

- Patrick Linnihan, President and CEO, Gant Travel Management






Bloomington, IN


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