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Basic booking systems can’t keep up with the changes in corporate travel, but the SAP Concur online travel booking tool can. With SAP Concur, you can choose the precise travel content you need and integrate every reservation—no matter how those reservations are made. You’ll capture all your travel itineraries, plus have complete visibility into what’s booked and what’s actually spent.

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•   “Our employees love Concur. It's intuitive, mobile and user-friendly. Compliance with our travel policies has significantly improved.” -Bon Secours Health System

•   “Aggregated travel data helped save $500,000 through improved vendor negotiations.” -Career Builder

•   “By moving to an on-demand travel booking solution, we have reduced travel booking fees by more than 40 percent and realized significant cost avoidance on air spend.” -Unisys

•   “For the first time, we could see what we were actually spending per trip, and we’ve been able to reduce travel costs significantly as a result.” -CCMSI

•   “Concur Travel increased adoption of the company’s travel booking tool more than 90% in the first month.” -Deutsche Post DHL

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