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Manage expenses with ease and take control of your company’s spending

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The right expense solution for business resilience

Forward thinking finance teams are selecting expense management tools that address today’s rapidly changing needs. With Concur Expense you’ll gain:

  • Increased visibility and control
  • Automated workflows and approvals
  • Highly rated mobile app for employees
  • Real-time spend reporting and intelligence

Concur Expense FAQs

What is Concur Expense?

Concur Expense is software that helps businesses take control of expenses, manage spending processes more efficiently, and make life easier for employees.

How does Concur Expense work?

Our digital tools allow businesses to capture every expense, no matter where it happens and from multiple sources, and then process them automatically on our system.

How does Concur Expense help?

In more ways that we can list here. Having a full picture of spending helps you plan and make decisions based on accurate data, easily enforce spending policies, reduce errors, and more.

What businesses use Concur Expense?

All kinds! More than 40 million people globally use SAP Concur solutions, ranging in size from the smallest of small businesses to the biggest, most well-known organizations in the world.

Don’t take our word for it – sign up for a free trial and see for yourself what Concur Expense can do

Some people need more convincing. We get that. Sign up for a free trial today and give Concur a test drive for 15 days. Once we get you set up, you can import your company’s receipts and card charges, and then process them as any Concur Expense customer would.

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Concur Expense pricing

What does it cost to track and manage your business expenses more simply and effectively with automated solutions? Pick from various small and medium sized business-friendly packages to fit your unique expense reporting needs.


Automate spending processes for more visibility and control.

What’s included:

  • Automated expense reporting and receipt capture
  • Customizable spending policies
  • Dashboard reporting for visibility
  • Corporate and personal card integration
  • Faster employee reimbursement


$9 / report average price


Get all of the Automate features plus additional insights into spending.

What’s included:

  • Enhanced dashboards and reporting
  • Personalized data views
  • Report scheduling 
  • Spend alerts to help manage spend 


Variable pricing


Further optimize spend management so you can focus on what really matters.

What‘s included:

  • Support for your employees 24/7/365
  • Help with configurations and best practices
  • Periodic reports on cases, resolutions, and response times


Variable pricing

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Our company’s spending is completely out of control. We lose receipts constantly, our employees are frustrated, and I have no idea where our money goes.”

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