Travel Request

Be Prepared: Pre-Approve Trips

Peace of mind comes from planning and preparation - that's why organized travel managers are so serene. With Concur, pre-approved travel requests keep spending, booking and compliance in check so you can remain calm along the way.

Travel Planning

Condense Spending and Reduce Costs

Travel Request is designed to help businesses manage travel more effectively. Once an employee starts to plan a trip, managers and approvers can approve, reject and request modifications during the process. Gain visibility into flights, car rentals, meals, hotel rooms, rail and other expenses. This gives you greater insight into pre-planned and actual expenses, allowing for more accurate forecasts of travel costs.

Travel Request Brochure

Optimize Booking Integration

Information flows from the Travel Request to Concur's travel and expense platform. Travel booked online or through a travel agency is automatically incorporated. Trips can be routed for online or agent booking, and information entered in the Travel Request can be reused for travel booking and expenses without re-keying.

When integrated with Concur's Travel solution, employee-entered travel requests are sent for approvals. Employees can use Concur's travel booking solution to automatically create a travel request. Meanwhile, agencies can book travel for employees based on notification after approvals.

Improve Control and Efficiency

Thanks to a greater level of pre-trip control and approval, unnecessary and wasteful travel is eliminated. You'll also be able to ensure more reliable travel policy compliance. Plus, expense reporting is simplified and data entry errors are reduced once trip details are pre-populated in the system. Altogether, Travel Request helps keep your management process efficient and organized. Talk about serenity.