Concur is an SAP Company

Mike Hilton on Mobile (1:38)

I'm Mike Hilton and I'm one of Concur's founders and I'm responsible for worldwide marketing. Concur Mobile is one of Concur's latest innovations. It really takes our core product, which is Concur Travel & Expense which automates the whole business travel process, and really extends it down into your smartphone. Concur Mobile is something that allows you to not just view the information that's critical to you like your itineraries, it also allows you to update your flight information, add a car reservation. Basically extend all that capability down right to your smartphone when you need it.

We've all lived this scenario, I get off the plane, I'm sitting at the airport and I realize I didn't book a hotel for this trip. I'm stuck. What you can do now as a business traveler is you can open up Concur Mobile on your smartphone, find the hotels that are near you. You don't have to upset your travel manager or your boss because you're going to look at hotel properties that are in compliance.

One of the features that our travelers really love is leveraging the camera capabilities of these smartphones. What you can do with Concur Mobile is while you're even a the counter while you're paying for your Starbucks you can literally use the camera inside of Concur Mobile, take a picture of that receipt and you've basically eliminated that paper right at the point of origin

One of the other great capabilities of smartphones that we're really taking advantage of are the GPS capabilities. We know where you are and you want to book a hotel, we should find a hotel that's close to where you are right at this moment. It's really having the context of what you're trying to solve and helping to do that by leveraging what's the capabilities of that smartphone are. Concur Mobile is all about one more step of making that easier.