Concur is an SAP Company

Concur Business Intelligence (2:20)

Concur's Business Intelligence Solution helps you unlock the power of your data by providing actionable insights into your company's spending patterns. Your company spends a lot of money on travel and expense. You need to know where it's all going. Concur gives you access to the necessary data and gives you visibility into employee-initiated spending. From individual details to big picture trends, you'll see exactly how your company's money is spent.

Concur improves visibility and insight into your organization by comparing itinerary data, corporate card charges, cash expenses, invoices, and supplier contracted rates. This 360-degree view identifies areas of program leakage, fraud, and unnecessary spending, helping you catch potentially costly problems before they occur.

Our low-maintenance tools empower every manager to easily analyze how their employees are spending money, ensuring everyone has visibility to manage spending without a lot of extra effort, all helping you save time and money. Report scheduling and bursting ensures that you get the right information to the right people at the right time. You get the critical decision-making data you need to monitor spending, manage vendor programs, and track compliance. With over 170 standard reports and dashboard metrics constructed through feedback from your peers, the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Concur takes the uncertainty out of reporting, giving you the tools you need to create high-level, fully interactive reports. Need to examine the transactions that make up a figure? Simply click on the report to see the detailed data. With Concur's reporting solutions, you'll track airline ancillary fee spending, identify out-of-policy spending, monitor vendor rates, increase corporate card rebates, and better manage your company's cash flow. Concur's experienced and knowledgeable experts work with you to develop customized reports and dashboards that help analyze and manage your travel and expense programs. Get the insight you need to know exactly how your company and its employees spend their travel and expense budgets with Concur's Business Intelligence Solution.