The Robots Are Coming - AI and Machine Learning Helping Public Sector and Higher Education Finance and Accounting Teams

No one dreams of spending their workdays manually entering data for receipts, processing invoices, researching expenses, and auditing transactions. instead of focusing on mission critical tasks. Yet, in organizations and institutions large and small, finance and accounts payable staff spend hours every day slogging through reams of paperwork and millions of transactions. It’s difficult to concentrate on such monotonous jobs; before long, boredom sets in and people take shortcuts or make mistakes.

According to 2015 APQC, 62% of accounts payable costs comes from labor 

At SAP Concur, we have been using Machine Learning (ML) for several years to do things for our customers that could not be done any other way. With SAP Leonardo, we continue investing in the future of ML and AI with a set of innovative services that make everything from travel booking to expense auditing smarter, more automated and easier for your employees.

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