Template for an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity and disaster planning have recently gained more importance than ever. Previously, that meant planning ahead for network outages that could leave employees unable to access work-critical applications, or boosting security measures to prevent cyberattacks. In most cases, businesses were preparing for a single isolated incident that would last for a limited amount of time.

Preparing for the unexpected

If there’s one lesson the recent crisis has taught us, it’s that businesses must be prepared for anything. The pandemic forced companies to quickly reinvent their business models, shift to remote work, and find new ways to operate under stay-at-home orders while trying to minimize disruption. It’s safe to say that these days, business continuity looks and feels a little different and a lot more uncertain.  

SAP Concur and TransferMate experts have come together to share tips on business continuity planning and help you understand how you can disaster-proof your business for the future. We’ve also included a helpful template that you can copy and customize.