Webinar: Travel and Expense Trends in 2020

Looking ahead, the pace of innovation in the travel and employee spend space will continue to accelerate, fueled by smarter technology, evolving employee expectations, and an increasingly global economy. Inevitably, as 5G becomes a reality globally, travel and expense managers will have to absorb information faster and precisely, thus transforming into a learning machine. These shifts continue to challenge companies as they try to control and capture reliable, consistent data around travel and employee spend management areas - thus leaving them vulnerable to enterprise risks, lack of spend transparency and an inability to optimize strategic spend decisions.

This webinar will share best practices around optimizing spend and travel programs with some “quick wins” to put into practice this year. It will also focus on these four key trends that will be the driving forces behind the change:

• T&E is now an integral part of a company’s financial digital transformation strategy.

• Pressure to increase productivity and simplify processes will kick demand for AI into overdrive; machine learning moves from a novelty to a routine function.

• Employee satisfaction and engagement climbs further and often goes hand in hand with employee safety and well-being.

• Paper receipts decline, smart receipts rise