They Did What?! Real Examples and Real Solutions for Fraud Today | SAP Concur Travel Industry Summit 2022


Join this storytelling session to hear real examples of fraud. Learn from fraudulent behavior that organizations have experienced and what you, as a travel manager, can do make sure this doesn’t happen in your own business. You’ll start the session saying “they did what?!” and end the session with an action plan for mitigation of fraud in your own organization.

Featured speakers:

  • Janine Tandle, Lyndon Group, Senior Advisor
  • Megan Wolfram, Crisis Management and Travel Security Manager, Uber
  • Emily Shirley, Client Success Manager, Oversight
  • Connie Hoen, Director Global Audit Services, SAP Concur

Note: This session was originally presented at SAP Concur Travel Industry Summit 2022 on June 9, 2022. For more information about the event, please visit

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