2023 Global Small to Midsize Business Travelers Report

woman on train

Travel has picked up for small to midsize businesses, and travelers welcome its return. Two thirds of travelers are very willing to travel for business this year. Their eagerness to get back on the road reflects the belief, shared by nearly all, that business travel is crucial to career success and their relationships with clients.

However, in a time of economic uncertainty and belt-tightening, many of these companies are taking a different approach to cost savings than their larger counterparts, which may be putting their travelers at risk. Unlike larger enterprise companies that are requiring more same-day returns and stricter business class policies to lower travel costs, small to midsize businesses are more commonly requiring their travelers to stay in lower-quality accommodations and/or less safe areas in response to rising travel costs and the uncertain economy.

While an increased desire to travel for business is clear, flexibility is non-negotiable. Nearly all travelers with a corporate travel policy expect to be allowed to make travel choices outside of company policy for reasons like safety, work-life balance, or sustainability. The vast majority of travelers are willing to refuse a business trip for similar reasons, including nearly 3 in 10 travelers who would decline a business trip that lacks the flexibility to make adjustments to the trip outside of company policy.

In partnership with Wakefield Research, SAP Concur surveyed 1,650 business travelers in 6 markets to gain insight into the state of business travel at small to midsize companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

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