Oxford Economics US Report: Empowering Your People for Enterprise Businesses

The recent increase in employee turnover is part of a major shift in the way employees see their jobs. The best-prepared organizations have optimized processes needed to keep the organization running smoothly, offer benefits and training that employees value, and are ready for the next shift in employee expectations.   

To gain more insight into the changing nature of work and employee expectations, Oxford Economics and SAP Concur conducted a worldwide, cross-industry survey in the finance and IT functions at companies with more than 1,000 employees. This fact sheet focuses on responses from US. Some key findings include:   

  • 60% of employees in the US say that the pandemic caused them to re-evaluate what they value in a workplace.   

  • Both executives and employees in the US expect to have some form of flexible work in place in the next 2 years.  

  • Only 40% of executives in the US say their workplace policies and technologies effectively enable remote work, which is slightly lower than global respondents (43%)  

  • As policies change, US executives will need to keep their employees up to speed, yet only 46% provide the necessary training and tools to ensure employees can keep up with changing policies.   

Download the free report today to gain more insights into the changing nature of work and employee expectations and get recommendations from experts on how executives can jump-start the flexible workplace and empower your employees.