IDC Answers five common challenges IT leaders at SMBs are grappling with and tangible steps to solve them today

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IDC Analyst Connection — Take Action: Five Top IT Questions at SMBs and How to Address Them Now 

IDC’s 2024 Worldwide Small and Medium Business Survey unveiled top challenges among IT leaders today. Katie Evans, Worldwide Research Director, Small and Medium Business Markets, at IDC examines some of these challenges by providing answers to the following questions: 

  • What advice do you have about AI for small or medium-sized (SMBs) businesses, how to separate the hype from the reality, and the best areas to get started in?  
  • How can I retain my company’s top employees, keep them engaged, and maximize their efficiency through flexible and innovative technology? 
  • How can I convince senior management of the importance of investing in security as well? 
  • My growing SMB is increasing investments in digital transformation. What top considerations/questions should I be asking potential vendors as an SMB?
  • As our company increases investments in IT, what should we think about internally to prepare for new technologies? 

Download the IDC Analyst Connection to learn the answers to these top challenges and recommendations to help address them.