Forrester US Spotlight: Driving Better EX with the Help of Travel, Expense, and Invoice Management

77% of US decision makers believe employee experience (EX) will be one of the most important factors impacting their ability to deliver on key business objectives within the next 2 years. 

Improving EX requires a balance between the demands that employees face in their daily work and the rescues they need to meet them. HR-led approaches that tend to focus on onboarding, performance management, and coaching often fail because they forget that EX begins and ends with worker productivity. This is why departments that are routinely involved in many employee's day-to-day tasks, like finance and IT, must consider the importance and collaborate in service. 

In October 2019, SAP and Forrester conducted an online survey with 111 finance, IT and HR decision makers responsible for corporate-level technology investments at US organizations, We found that as EX becomes a critical driver of business success, firms must focus on optimizing the process and tools which impact employees' daily activities of travel, expense, and invoice management. 

According to the US survey results , 68% of organizations say travel and expense management software is considered the most important tool for enabling good EX; 62% say AP automation tools are also critical. 

Read more about the findings and download the US spotlight or the global paper.