2021 REPORT: Accounts Payable Spend Management Global Survey

The 2021 Accounts Payable Spend Management Survey is the third global survey of finance leaders we’ve conducted with our partner IFOL (Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership) over the last 18 months. The first survey was conducted in early Q1 2020 just as the pandemic was unfolding, the second during the summer of 2020, and this latest survey through August and September 2021. This is the first year, however, that the United States has been included in the survey, and findings show that the U.S. leads global averages in spend management automation across most categories studied. In particular, 38% of U.S. businesses leaders said their companies are mostly to fully automated compared to 35% globally. When it comes to the adoption of AI for spend management, the difference is even more pronounced with 35% of U.S. companies already using AI compared to the global average of only 30%.

Read the full report for insights on how U.S. and global AP professionals are leveraging automation and AI in the new world of work.