Company Spend Control Infographic

What if you didn’t have to worry about SPENDING?

Bring certainty and control to your expenses, and you can drive your business to – and through – anything. Here are four ways companies like yours are getting there and a sampling of what they have to say along the way: 

1. Focus on costs to help fuel growth. To sustain growth or get it going again, you need a simple tool to help you see – and control – expenses.

Only 32% of SMB leaders feel their company was “definitely prepared financially” for an economic challenge like COVID-19.

2. Make sure your spend controls actually control spending. Managing costs across the company helps keep revenue on the rise.

75% of small to midsize companies believe controlling expenses in the past was critical to survival now.

3. Make processes easier, and you’ll boost productivity and performance. Automating expense and invoice processes saves time, lowers costs, and improves employee output.

Only 33% of respondents feel their businesses are running efficiently.

4. Gather the data, then put it to work. Gut instincts only get you so far. You need data to drive the decisions that build your business.

76% of SMB leaders say data is as or more complex to manage than their taxes.

Download the infographic today to get the full details and learn how if you automate and integrate invoices and expense reports, you’ll control the spending and capture the data that keeps you on top of your finances.